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Designing Your Sustainable Home 101

Meet Kristina Monroe. Some time back, she purchased a C-Head (which at that time was for land based purposes called a BoonJon) and incorporated it into her incredible home design. She has even written a book about how her new home came into existence, including the dream, the design and the final outcome. The name of the book is “Twisted Oak” and in it she devotes almost a complete chapter to the advantages of my toilet design and how it has worked with respect to her permaculture lifestyle. In her book she lays out in story form why she and her family decided to take the plunge and build the house of their dreams. She describes how they take maximum advantage of the property and its assets and construction techniques to create an environmentally friendly, beautiful, warm and cozy home with results that are fantastic.

Now Kristina is offering a sustainable home design course online called “Design Your Sustainable Home 101” . Classes will be limited to give the participants full attention with live webinars and Q&A sessions. Registration is now open (click here). If you are interested in seeing and hearing what she has to say on this much needed and completely entertaining topic, go to this page on her website and watch her informative video presentation. She even gives away free advice and pointers that are helpful in deciding what kind of lot to purchase. Kristina’s work on housing along with my BoonJon garden is the full picture of a permaculture lifestyle.

For a preview of the course, check out her blog here or read her book twisted oak which is available online. It is an enjoyable read full of really good information about comfortable green living at its best. I highly recommend it to anyone who is considering a permaculture lifestyle with emphasis on “style.”

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