How does the C-Head work? - The C-Head is a composting toilet that diverts the urine and feces before they mix. This ultimately prevents the interaction between the bacteria in the feces and the nutrients in the urine. This interaction causes the infamous sewer smell. The Churning System is designed to roll and coat the waste in the composting medium of your choice. This dehydrates the waste and locks in any odors. It initiates composting but complete composting is done outside the toilet in a composting tower. For those not interested in composting their waste, the contents of the solid waste container can be disposed of anywhere it would otherwise be acceptable to dispose of pet waste, diapers, colostomy bags etc.  Please refer to your local ordinances for proper waste disposal methods for your area. 

What is the C-Head made out of? - The C-Head is made from a composite of plastics and constructed with embedded mechanical fasteners and chemically fused parts. The outside finish is phenolic, high pressure plastic laminate for sanitation, beauty, and ease of cleaning. The heavy-duty hinges are 316 stainless steel. The seats are household toilet seats that have been modified to a marine grade standard. (click to read blog article)

Do you ship internationally? - Unfortunately, we are only able to ship within the United States and Canada at this time, as there have been complications with customs. 

How often do you need to empty the waste? - The solid waste bucket will normally hold 5-7 days waste for two people using the toilet exclusively. In practice, it is longer because people tend to use other toilets incidentally. We recommend emptying the toilet every 7 to 10 days regardless. The urine jug varies significantly depending on many factors. Even then it is a simple matter of capping off and replacing the jug if you cannot empty it immediately. (click to read blog article)

What is the capacity difference between the C-Head and the Shorty C-Head? - While the solid waste containers are different heights, the usable volume is the same in each.  Therefore, there is no functional difference between the two models when it comes to emptying frequency.

Can you put toilet paper inside the toilet? - While toilet paper can be used, it is not recommended. TP is light and fluffy, so it sits on top of the waste, rather than being mixed with it. Flushable wipes are hands-down the best answer, as they are heavy and damp, allowing them to be properly mixed with the waste. The only downside is there will be more moisture in the waste bucket, so you may have to empty it sooner.  (click to read blog article)

What is the best medium to use? - Currently, we favor Hemp Chicken Coop Bedding or Aspen shavings. But as long as your composting medium is carbon based, dry, and not clay based, whatever is most convenient and accessible to you will do just fine.

Is venting required?Most users are going to find that they do not need to vent the C-Head. Venting is used to control moisture and our churn design limits the amount of moisture that is released into the collection container when you churn. There are going to be cases where you might have to vent the toilet. For example, if a user suffers from digestive issues such as IBS where they frequently have loose bowels or if they are in very humid climates.

While we do recommend that users try the C-Head first without venting we do include instructions on different venting methods, but venting products are not included. 


What is your return policy? - We understand our customers often need to ensure the toilet will work in their build and that builds often face delays and set backs.  To that end the customer has 90 days from the day they RECIEVE the toilet to send it back.  The customer is responsible for the return shipping.  PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to take back used toilets so please ensure it will work for your build prior to using. 

Is there a warranty? - Yes! All toilets and parts are covered under a Lifetime Warranty.