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Beautiful and Durable Outside Finishes

In addition to being able to have a customized fit, there is no other composting toilet on the market that comes close to being as beautiful as the C-Head. Choices in both the outside finish and the toilet seat size and color makes all the difference and make no mistake people want their bathrooms to look inviting, even as uninviting as the tasks may be. It’s called the “throne” for a reason. Today’s composting toilets have a range of looks that goes from resembling a washing machine (and the same size) to a plastic water cooler; from looking like they belong on the space shuttle or else in a local laundromat. Why is that? Well, expediency in manufacturing is probably the most basic reason. Ease of cleaning sure isn’t. The outsides can be deceiving as far as cleaning the inside goes.

For a toilet to be beautiful in every way, the outside should not only be slab sided for ease of cleaning but it should be made of a material that does not absorb odor or collect dirt over time. Most roto-molded items, like some composting toilets, while made of impervious plastics will start to take on a dirty look over time because of the many microscopic pockets in and bubbles under the surface. These micro-balloons fill with dirt and mold over time that cannot be washed away. This is obvious with kayaks, children’s yard toys, etc. as they age and is usually noticeable within a couple of years. And in addition, with roto-molding the color selections are limited to basic plain colors, white, blue, green, gray, etc. Here is a picture of my 10-year old kayak skin taken from about four inches away. I did darken the picture to highlight the tiny pockets in the skin. From two feet away it looks like a shiny solid finish but as you can see it is more like an orange peel. Often flecks will be added to the plastic to hide this imperfection and create sort of a “pre-dingy” dingy state.

Glossy, shiny surfaces usually indicate a hard smooth surface. But maybe not.

Melamine high pressure laminate plastics on the other hand are very hard and durable, which makes them easy to clean and keep germ free. Their scratch resistance is actually higher than marble or granite. That’s why they are used on kitchen, bath and hospital counters and desk tops. They also offer a broad selection of color shades and prints including an assortment of wood grains and other patterns that the owner may want. Even a metal finish is possible.

Add to that the fact that you can make other parts of the toilet a different color, specifically the “urine diverter,” which we call the funnel. To help conceal the natural funkiness of waste, funnels should be black or dark colored or else have a wood grain pattern. They should never be white or light colored. In this application, melamine plastic can withstand being exposed to urine repeatedly without absorbing the smell. They are also impervious to most acids, alkalies and solvents for cleaning or descaling as well as being 100% waterproof. In those rare occasions where people want to match the finish of the toilet to an existing wood grain, this too is usually possible.

Combine all this with a choice of toilet seats (black or white, slow close or standard, round or elongated) and you can create a real work of art. This may sound funny, but looks do matter, particularly if you are going to have people use the toilet who have never used a composting toilet before. There are numerous other accessories (tp holder, churn handle and sealing lid holsters, and anchors that can be made from some very attractive metal designs. This kind of flexibility is designed into and only available with the C-Head.

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