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Easily Using a Compact Composting Toilet in Accordance with Today’s ADA Standards

Picture with person with disability using wheelchair and home care giver

C-Head compact compsting toilet showing dimensions which comply with ADA standards
C-Head meets ADA dimensional standards

There are many living situations in which people do not consider the use of a compact composting toilet system. Often, accessibility for people with disabilities might sway the consideration for using a composting toilet. This forces folks to only consider other options that are cumbersome, smell, and often rudimentary in design (i.e. bucket type solutions). With a C-Head toilet, we have already had the foresight to design a toilet to meet a wider range of needs. C-Head is the only composting toilet on the market that meets ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) dimensional standards.

Docking cabinet for ADA dimensional standard ready c-head composting toilet
(Docking Cabinet / Picture B)

Because the C-Head is designed with ADA dimensional standards already considered, conversions are much easier. This includes allowable height and front toe-kick space. With many available hand rail systems on the market and the ability to install paper holding fixtures in easy to reach places; the C-Head can be easily converted to meet home-care needs, accommodate loved ones with disabilities, and provide a smell-free and comfortable toilet system. The toilet comes with instructions for a docking cabinet (shown in picture B) but is not required. Conversions and modifications can be accomplished at very little additional cost and with minimal handyman skills.

Using a C-Head compact composting toilet allows the user to remain free from unpleasant odors associated with a bucket type toilet. Great for maximizing living spaces at home, it can be installed in smaller enclosed areas (i.e. closet or attic conversions), giving the user privacy. Because C-Head meets ADA dimensional standards, conversions are easy and it frees the user from needing assistance when using the toilet.

We are proud of our “No-Smell” statement. The C-Head's urine diverting design works well to contain odor even if the user is unable to use the churning mechanism for solid waste. The toilet can be churned occasionally by an in-home assistant, or family member, to cover the solid waste and allow for continued use without the need for immediate emptying.

List of additional items needed for the conversion.

Disability assist rail attachment(s) Toilet paper holder Docking cabinet or 2" deep wall spacer Elongated toilet seat (slow-close type recommended)

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