Its small size, simple design, low cost, and intuitive workings make it a versatile and responsible way to manage your waste, whatever your lifestyle. In most cases, it requires no water, electricity or venting. The urine diverting, solid waste processing method eliminates any sewage odor. The perfect toilet for mobile, indoor, or off-the-grid living!

Basic model 

The basic C-Head is the toilet of choice if you have a space that is 16” wide and 20” front to back (allow another 16” knee space ahead of the front). Clearance above the seat should be about 36″ for headroom on average. Check adjacent doors and drawers for clearance.

Use a quick release anchoring system if the toilet is blocking necessary access panels. This model has the widest application and is the least expensive. Its dimentions are compliant with ADA standards using an elongated seat.


Shorty model

The shorty is designed for installations on top of a pedestal or wheel well or in areas where overhead clearance is minimal such as pocket cruisers or the bow of a boat. This toilet is wedged in the back on the sides which allows for more fitting flexibility in tight spaces. With many pedestal installations, the pedestal top may need to be extended forward for better foot placement and sitting comfort.

Download and read the owner’s manual for ideas and information on this type of installation.


Corner model

The corner model is designed to fit into a corner or V-shaped spaces like the bow of a boat. This toilet is similar to a basic model but wedged in the back on the sides. The edge along the back is 11" from side to side.


To determine how far out of the corner the toilet will extend, hold an 11" stick across the corner, side to side, and measure out from the center of the stick 18" to determine the base, 20" to determine the lid for a round lid, and 22" for an elongated seat. 


We offer wood grain finishes for all of our models using Wilsonart® brand high pressure plastic laminate. Giving you a satin finish for an elegant look to match your space.

Golden Teak, Red Mahogany , and Dark Mahogany options available on checkout.

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