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Matte White Basic C-Head

The C-Head's small size, simple design, low cost, and intuitive workings make it a versatile and responsible way to manage your waste, whatever your lifestyle.


The C-Head requires no water or electricity, and in a majority of cases, no ventilation. The urine diverting, solid waste processing method eliminates any sewage odor. The perfect toilet for mobile, indoor, or off-the-grid living!


Matte White Shorty C-Head

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The Shorty C-Head is designed for installations on top of a pedestal or in areas where overhead clearance is minimal. With the same inner workings as our Basic C-Head, the Shorty is the perfect solution for confined spaces, with the perks of a Basic. The purchase of a Shorty also includes your choice of P-Tank or External Urine Diverter. See Choosing Urine Management for more details.


To learn how to make a "Mock-Up"

On average, allow 16 inches for knee space in front and about 36 inches of clearance for headroom.