External Urine Diverter

The EUD replaces the common water jug for urine collection. It diverts urine out of the toilet into a larger outside container or drain field, eliminating the need to empty a jug. The EUD uses gravity feed to move the urine out of the toilet.


The EUD normally comes installed but can be ordered at a later date as an after market accessory. It is easy to install and remove for different applications.

Integrated Urine Tank (P-Tank)

The integrated Urine Tank or P-tank is an internal tank and is designed to handle agitation without spillage, as may be common with off-shore boating or off-road, overland or washboard road, "boondocking" type camping.


The Shorty model uses a 1-gallon P-tank, the Basic, Corner and Wedged-Back models use a 1.5-gallon P-tank. A float-ball in the tank top port indicates the urine level. The P-tank is also specifically designed for easy and clean transfer of the urine to a plastic jug for storage when  needed. (See this video).

Bottom Exit Kit

​The Bottom Exit Kit "BEX" accessory is only available with the Basic and Corner models. It is designed to allow the installation of your C–Head over a toilet flange from a previous toilet location, directing the urine out of the bottom of the C–Head and into a holding tank or drain line. 

The “BEX" kit includes an EUD, a dog leg section of plumbing, a p-trap and toilet flange plug that is inserted into the flange to seal it. 

Note: The BEX kit cannot be used with the Shorty or Wedged-Back models.