Urine management


Compatible with the C-Head and Shorty. 
An internal container designed specifically for the C-Head. Ideal for those on the road or sea. The P-Tank is also a favorable substitute for the gallon jug.


Compatible with the C-Head and Shorty. 
Diverts the urine through the back wall of the toilet. Ideal when plumbing from the C-Head to an external container or drain field. Installed in house, unless requested otherwise. 

Bottom Exit Kit

Exclusive to the C-Head. 

Designed for connecting the C-Head to an existing flange. Comes with an External Urine Diverter and Kit that makes diverting through the bottom of the toilet possible. Favored by customers with RV's, motorhomes, and boats. Available with purchase of C-Head for $100.

Gallon Jug

Exclusive to the C-Head.
Very convenient, as it is easily replaceable and doesn't require regular cleaning. Comes free with purchase of Basic C-Head when selected.