About C-Head

What initially started out as a Do-it-Yourself project, has now become the world famous

C-Head Composting Toilet. Our family owned and operated business maintains a goal of making On-the-Go and remote living as convenient as possible. At the same time, we also strive to keep costs to a minimum, so there's no breaking the bank.

We've checked all the boxes, as we have proven to thousands of customers that handcrafted products can be cost effective, high quality, reliable, and beautiful! 

We have moved locations to Eustis, Florida! This location is dedicated solely to
manufacturing and production. 

Contact us!


Email: info@c-head.com
Toll Free: (888) 851 8824

Our sincerest apologies if your calls and/or emails have gone unanswered. Our Wi-Fi and phone systems were offline as a result of moving locations. Please see our FAQ for more info.

Due to an severe influx of customer contact, email is our quickest mode of response at this time.