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How to Make a Mock Up

Updated: Apr 28

If you are not sure if the C-Head will fit in the space you have allotted for your toilet, it is best to make a mock up out of cardboard and test the space. This can be done using any large cardboard box. Cut and tape the box to the dimensions shown below. For the shorty, make a bucket model and shorten it by 3″.

Remember too that this mock up is only the housing. The lid extends over the housing about one inch on each side and the toilet seat extends two inches over the front with a round seat. Take that into account, especially if you are going to install your C-Head in a corner. The furthest back you will be able to slide the toilet is a point that is 11″ across the back corner diagonally. See this article on corner installations (here). To download and print the PDF file of the drawing below, click (here).

The basic model should look like this.

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