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How does the C-Head work? - The C-Head is a urine diverting, composting system toilet. It separates the urine from the feces at the point of use. This prevents the interaction between the bacteria in the feces and the nutrients in the urine which causes "sewer smell". It covers the feces with a carbon based medium like sawdust and that prevents the odor so common with poop. It initiates composting but complete composting is done outside the toilet in a composting tower. (click to read blog article)

What is the C-Head made out of? - The C-Head is made from a composite of plastics and constructed with embedded mechanical fasteners and chemically fused parts. The outside finish is Wilsonart brand, high pressure plastic laminate for sanitation, beauty and ease of cleaning. The heavy-duty hinges are 316 stainless steel. The seats are household toilet seats that have been modified to a marine grade standard. (click to read blog article)

Do you ship internationally? - Yes, we ship to the EU, Great Britain, Switzerland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Scandinavia using the postal service. Additional custom's fees will likely be charged at the point of pickup. Shipping to other countries needs to be arranged by the customer. (click to read blog article)

How often do you need to empty the waste? - The solid waste bucket will normally hole 5-7 days waste for two people using the toilet exclusively. In practice, it is longer because people tend to use other toilets incidentally. We recommend emptying the toilet every week regardless. The urine jug varies significantly depending on many factors. Even then it is a simple matter of capping off and replacing the jug if you cannot empty it immediately. (click to read blog article)

Can you put toilet paper inside the toilet? - You can but it will fill the bucket up fast and is unsightly. Flushable wipes are hands-down the answer. Those you can put inside the toilet because they are small and efficient. Try them, you'll never go back. BTW, you cannot use flushable wipes in my competitors toilets because they will wrap around the shaft. (click to read blog article)

What is the best medium to use? - Currently, I would go with hemp bedding or else Aspen pet bedding, both at Walmart. It is inexpensive, compressed, clean and easy to store. But there are a bunch of mediums that will work just fine. (click to read blog article)

What is your warranty? - We offer a thirty day return warranty with conditions. We warranty parts on a case by case basis. (click to read blog article)

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