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Our Product Warranty

Our warranty on return or parts replacement is pretty straight forward.

We work hard to make sure that the customer gets what they need and know exactly what they are getting. This saves everybody a lot of headache. In some cases the customer may want to return the toilet and request a refund. For that reason, upon receiving the toilet, the customer should take pictures of any damage to the shipping container, including holes, scrapes or obvious re-taping of the exterior. The customer should also take pictures of any damage found to the toilet while unpacking, preferably with the postal clerk or UPS guy in the picture. Gotta love them smartphones. Follow the handling instructions guide found at the very top of the box under the flaps. If any damage is found, take pictures of the damage and notify us immediately by email.

The customer has 30 days from the day they receive the toilet, to determine if the toilet meets their standards and is going to serve their needs for their application. The customer must not modify or use the toilet during the assessment period. We do not resell used toilets. There seems to be some social stigma associated with that practice.

If the customer wishes to return the toilet, they must package and insure the toilet and pay for the return shipping cost. The original packaging my be used if it is deemed suitable for the purpose. You cannot use the original packaging if it shows damage on the outside, that could be attributed to future damage in shipping. A large, 16x16x24 inch, heavy duty cardboard box at Home Depot runs around $4 and should work well along with packing. Please package the toilet with care to avoid not only damage but burnishing of the toilet seat from chafe. Cover the toilet seat with a plastic bag.

While the customer must pay for the return shipping and insurance, we can send the customer a shipping label at their request. Our costs are lower than the general public. We will invoice the customer for the cost of the return shipping prior to sending the label.

Upon receiving the returned toilet, we will assess it for damage and make deductions for any repairs needed for resale. If the damage is a result of handling by the customer, we will deduct the cost of repair from the refund. If the damage is caused from shipping, we will deduct the cost of repairs from the refund and document the damage with pictures and send them to the customer along with a letter of explanation so that they can file for a claim to recover their costs. In either case, we will deduct our original shipping costs from the refund.

If the toilet is received damaged by the owner and the owner wants to receive replacement parts for the damaged parts, they must carefully document the damage and send us photos of the damage to both the toilet as well as to the package. We will immediately replace any damaged parts upon receiving the pictures of the damage. Please feel free to call us and explain the damage. We may opt to send out a replacement part without the need of pictures. If you choose to email us, please include pictures of the damage.

If the 30 day period has passed and you your situation has changed such that you are not going to use your C-Head, we recommend trying to sell it on Craig’s list in a nearby area where there are many live aboard boaters. Seattle, St Pete, Annapolis, etc. Don’t forget houseboat marinas. Price and advertise it as new and deduct $100 from the original cost. Advertising on bulletin boards at large marinas or RV sites may also help.

Please feel free to make constructive comments, suggestions or ask questions.

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