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Girl stuff!!

“The time has come,” the Walrus said, “To talk of many things: Of shoes–and ships–and sealing-wax– Of cabbages–and kings– And why the sea is boiling hot– And whether pigs have wings.” The Walrus and the Carpenter – Lewis Carroll

So now we have to get a little personal. Having spent a lifetime directly involved with hands-on medicine as an Army Special Forces medic and as a municipal and then county firefighter/paramedic, and having been married three times, I thought I knew pretty much everything about female anatomy . . . well almost everything. But once I got into the toilet business, I found out some things that I didn’t know and that were surprising. Number one, as many women order my toilets as do men. It may be because, between the two of them, she is the one with the bank account. More common than you would believe. And number two, women’s anatomies are significantly different with respect to what we call “directional stability” in the boat design business. And number three, when women go to the bathroom (#2), they usually don’t go #1, then #2, nor do they go #2, then #1. They usually go #3. That proved to be a challenge that I hadn’t expected to have to overcome.

In addition, if I may be a little indelicate, some women stream forwards and some stream backwards and some stream first forward and then backwards or vice versa. There are items on the market that address this for ladies who want to be able to exercise the same level of freedom as men do, but they aren’t designed to be used while sitting down.

If it is any consolation ladies, men have a similar problem occasionally which calls for them to make a split decision between two evils while they are half awake, but it’s only a problem if they are standing. That may help answer the question of how they manage to pee all over everything all the time. Sorry for that digression and the mental image. Long story short, women naturally have more of a problem getting everything to go where they want it to go than do men, and there isn’t a urine diverting toilet on the market that has perfected the division process yet. Some are better than others and it is true too that a small amount of urine in the solid waste won’t cause problems.

If the lady doesn’t object to using all the resources at hand with the C-Head, the process is actually simple and almost perfect. Like everything associated with the C-Head, practicality and simplicity are the hallmarks of our system. As is so often the case the simplest things work the best. If getting the pee to go into the funnel is an issue, a simple nylon ladle (Mainstay brand) that costs less than a dollar at Walmart fits the bill (and the toilet) perfectly. By just drilling a one-inch hole (or several smaller holes) in the center of the bottom of the spoon portion, you can direct the urine into the funnel without having to situate your body forward or backward. For many women, no bodily contact is needed with the ladle since it can be rested down against the rim of the funnel and it will catch the urine and direct it into the right place. snugging it up to your body, however, will insure good results, per my wife, Nancy.

Following that, the ladle can be rinsed off or wiped off and stored near by on a hook, on a shelf, in a drawer or in a toilet bowl brush holder. It should be noted that it seems most women can go without this appliance, but it is good to know that it is an easy alternative. We have had great reviews from users and very few objections to using it. Alternative lifestyles like cruising on a boat or traveling in an RV or living in a cabin or tiny house can require some adjustments that may seem odd next to normal daily urban and suburban life. It seems that people who are prone to living differently are usually open to new idea on how things must be done. More often than not, these adjustments add to the enjoyment of life and certainly aren’t mundane. Discovering them is half the fun.

Please feel free to make constructive comments or ask questions below in the comments section. If you enjoy my bolgs please let your like-minded friends know about it.

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