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For the DIYer – the Urine Diverter Assembly (UDA)

I am occasionally approached by a customer that only wants to buy the urine diverting portion of the toilet. They may have an installation problem that prevents the use of the entire toilet. This seems to be common in sailboats under 40 feet and some Airstream travel trailers in particular. The Urine Diverter Assembly (UDA) is basically the urine funnel, housing lid, sealing lid and toilet seat portion of the C-Head toilet. It can also include the churning bucket and churn handle. Installation of the UDA does require some important and exact alignment with the urine capturing device. The urine capturing device can be as simple as a plastic jug or a complex as a reservoir for pumping the urine out to a holding tank or drain field if it is not a gravity feed plumbing system.

Urine Diverter Assembly

Because of this, we prefer to vet our customers who order the UDA to make sure that first, it will work to their satisfaction and second, they have an understanding of what is involved with the installation. Primarily, the UDA is designed to be anchored down by the back hinge plate over an opening in the top of a pedestal or the top of a cabinet that housed the solid waste collection container (poop bucket) and the urine management system (pee line, pee jug, pee reservoir, etc.) as mentioned above. Raising the lid will give access to the containers or systems inside the cabinet for purposes of emptying, maintaining or cleaning the toilet. Some simple engineering skills are required by the installer. We are glad to advise customers on the installation as best we can and we suggest this be done prior to the purchase of the UDA. We are looking for videos of this type of installation to add to a list of videos on this subject to facilitate future customers on how to install the UDA.

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