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Captain Compost

David Goodman (AKA “David the Good”) and I have been communicating off and on for several years. He used to live about 30 minutes away from me and while we had a couple of phone conversations, somehow we never managed to get together until he and his family were on their way to their new home in the tropics. I’m still not sure where he wound up exactly but from the pictures on his blog, it looks like a piece of paradise.

David the Good

The day he stopped by wasn’t planned. They were driving by on their way to South Florida to depart the country when they decided to stop by on a whim. As luck would have it I was loading up a U-Haul trailer with my toilets to take up to Asheville, North Carolina for the Mother Earth News Fair and products show at the Asheville Agricultural Center. So there we were side by side with our vans and trailers, looking like we were headed somewhere together with a load of something. David is a character. He asked for a tour which I was only too glad to give him, so he and his large family of young’uns tumbled out of the van along with his charming wife who didn’t seem big enough to have produced so many heirs to his kingdom. They were a beautiful, young family.

David has had a website and a garden for some time, both of which he uses to address the serious idea of survival gardening in an entertaining way. It didn’t take us long to establish that we held many ideas in common as to how the world was turning or at least turning out! He has a good following of like-minded people and he is undoubtedly one of the leading authorities on composting and has written numerous books on the subject, as well as a tongue-in-cheek novel starring action figure “Jack Broccoli.” His blog site “The Survival Gardener” is well worth visiting and he is talented, funny, engaging and an all around likable guy.

His ability to create a video is amazing. We did a walk-thru of my shop and garden that he posted pretty much in an unedited version which is a testament to his videographic skills. In case you haven’t seen it, here it is.

Courtesy David the Good.

Many of David’s ideas on composting are directly applicable to a permaculture lifestyle on a 1/4 acre residential lot and could easily supplement my BoonJon garden system. I highly recommend his books which can be purchased on his website or you can go directly to this link to see them.

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