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There aren’t a lot of blogs that dedicate themselves to topics about using a toilet. This one does. Here we talk $#!+ about a specific kind of toilet, commonly (and many believe erroneously) called a “composting” toilet. What does that actually mean – composting toilet? Well, I guess that is open to interpretation. But for our purposes, it is referring to a specific toilet, the C-Head, a compact toilet that initiates the composting process of solid human waste while the waste is inside the toilet. These types of toilets are finding their way into use more and more. The significance of that is that we are coming to appreciate and understand the efficiency, the advantages, the logic and the harmony with nature that composting of our waste engenders. I fully expect to see them grow in usage once people come to understand the advantages.

This is an information blog. If you are impatient and want to get on to the articles regarding a specific topic, there are three ways to do that. One scroll down and read the intro of each article, or two use key words in the search box to the right to locate an article or three, click on a category heading on the right column of this page and then scroll down through the list that comes up. Otherwise click on “read more” below to continue reading this introduction.

C-Head with docking cabinet

While for many it is simply an easier way to manage waste in a confined or utility challenged location, the implications of composting and recycling our waste is much more far reaching. With the heightened awareness of conservation and the advantages of working with nature and with the rise of permaculture, people are slowly coming to understand, accept and even demand the ability to use a so-called composting toilet. Make no mistake, the composting toilet is no magic box. Your poop doesn’t magically disappear. Such a thing, while it is the holy grail of waste management, does not exist. All composting toilets require some work and diligence. All toilets can, at times, become messy – some more than others. But the great thing is, there are so many people who can benefit in so many ways from using a C-Head composting toilet.

That is what this blog is about. Out of necessity, I invented a simple toilet and for the past eight years, I have used it daily in about every application you can imagine, and in doing so I found answers to questions that people are asking and to which they are having trouble finding good answers. I hope to tell you here what I have learned and to do it in an interesting, entertaining and sometimes funny way. It seems that people like to laugh about poop. It is often nervous laughter, and comedians have used it for a cheap laugh going back to Chaucer. Well, I like to laugh, and studying this toilet and discussing it with people has given me lots to laugh about, and I have met some very interesting characters along the way. Also, I have learned some curious things about humans with respect to “going to the bathroom.” This type of toilet appeals to independent thinkers and counter-culture-minded individuals, but eventually it finds its way into discussions in the most unlikely settings among the most common people, usually with lots of nervous laughter.

At our shop it is an ongoing contest to come up with witty puns and comments, some of them very clever. Being number one in the number two business; we know our $#!+; job #1 is getting behind in our work; our business is your business, etc. I am always expecting a laugh when I thank my customers for their business on the phone. It is an unintentional pun but you’d be hard pressed to convince them that I wasn’t out to get a laugh. I can’t even refer to the whole “C-Head toilet thing” as starting a movement (which I hope it is) without getting a grin or a snicker.

So, long story short, if you are a traveler, either on the water or on the land, if you live in a small space, be it a cabin, a tiny house or a guest room, if you are a homesteader or permaculturist and just want to see how small of a footprint you can make, or if you are anticipating a zombie apocalypse, you will probably enjoy what I have to say. I think you will find it very interesting. With this blog we are going to discuss and definitely explore every aspect of using a C-Head. I’ll tell you what I have found out about how to use or discard the waste. What mediums to use in each type of installation. How to make modifications for installations on boats, campers and RVs. How to avoid problems. How to install ventilation and every other aspect of using the C-Head.

I invite comments for topics of discussion and articles. I hope to discuss everything you need to know to have a happy and clean experience with your C-Head. And yes, my competitors will benefit from much of this information, but I think this blog will demonstrate that the C-Head is not only a bargain but the best compact composting toilet on the market. My competitors are too busy marketing their product and passing the costs on to you. If they would use their toilets daily, they would be making improvements on them and passing that information on to you, like I do.

My name is Sandy Graves (my grand-kids call me Popeye) and I am the designer and builder of the C-Head portable composting toilet and BoonJon Garden waste management system. I am a retired Firefighter/Paramedic and ex-Army Special Forces Medic with considerable experience in emergency medicine, preventive medicine, and field sanitation. I had a cabinet shop near Austin, Texas for ten years, and my passion for many years has been designing, building, sailing and rehabbing boats. I love boats, even the ugly ones.

Nancy and me aboard our beloved Lily Pad

My wonderful wife Nancy and I lived aboard our Gemini catamaran “Lily Pad” full time from 2006 to 2011 and during that time we cruised the East Coast and Gulf Coast of the United States and the Bahamas. We currently live in Astor, Florida on the edge of the Ocala National Forest on the St Johns River where I garden, toy with boats, enjoy my grand-kids and build toilets. If you are in the neighborhood, either on your boat or driving through, and want to talk shop, stop on by.

Please feel free to make constructive comments or ask questions below.

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