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Shipping Internationally

Yes, we do ship to many countries but not all. International shipping has it’s own set of issues and complications. Currently we have shipped to the following countries.

  1. Australia

  2. New Zealand

  3. Canada

  4. Sweden

  5. Norway

  6. Finland

  7. Germany

  8. Switzerland

  9. France

  10. Italy

  11. Spain

  12. England


US Postal Service

All Countries – We use the US Postal Service (USPS) which uses the postal service of the country of destination. The cost will vary slightly but runs usually between $120 -$150 (Europe and Scandinavia) and around $200 (Australia and New Zealand) depending on the location. There will likely be a VAT/custom’s fees or other type undetermined fees due at pick up. Your local post office can help you with determining these costs beforehand.

Mexico – Due to recent issues with Mexican Customs Service we do not ship to Mexico. We recommend shipping to a destination in the USA and then arrange for transportation across the border to Mexico.

Canada – We use the US Postal Service which is then fulfilled by the Canada Post in Canada. The cost to ship to Canada is $110 US over the listed price of the product. Other custom’s fees/VATs will be due and payable by the customer at the time of pick up and varies depending on which post office it is delivered to and other mysterious formulations. We have no control over those costs and they are not included in the price we charge. We currently have successful, uncomplicated deliveries of about 90% with Canada Post. That being said, we have had more problems with Canada Post than all other international postal services combined. We recommend that our Canadian customers have their C-Head shipped to an address inside the United States and then arrange to have it transported to Canada across the border, if feasible. Fees will likely be less and the shipping will be free. Just FYI.

The customer should find out how much any brokerage or custom’s fees will be prior to purchase. If the customers refuses to accept the package for any reason and it is returned to us, the cost of shipping both ways as well as the cost to repair any damage to the product that it may have incurred during shipping will be deducted from the refund.

When you process your order on our website, it will calculate the international shipping costs (using International Priority Mail) before asking you to pay. Please be aware that items that are lost or damaged in transit can take some time to resolve. The US Postal Service requires 30-35 business days from the time of filing the missing package inquiry. Approximately 95% of all our international shipping has been delivered without incident. None have been permanently lost in transit.

At this time, we don’t have distributors inside or outside the USA. We sell everything factory direct. This saves you money and assures you the best customer service.

The jug used for urine collection is a common water jug found everywhere in the USA but not internationally. We recommend purchasing the urine tank as an accessory ($80 US if bought with the toilet, no additional shipping cost). Alternatively, we sell a box of 4 jugs ($40 includes shipping cost) that can be ordered by any of our international customers at any time. While these jugs are lightweight, with minimum care a jug should easily have a lifespan of one year each or more. You may find a common container locally, that is a suitable replacement for the jug in your country. If you do, please let us know what it contained and where it can be purchased so that we can pass that information along to future customers.

Capt Sandy

If you have other questions about international shipping, please contact us and I will add the answer to this article.

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