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Is a C-Head Legal in Utah!

A short while back someone sent me this link (without comment) on a YouTube video about how composting toilets are “illegal” in Utah. I dutifully watched the video and I must say that this is some serious Goober Pyle stuff and is worth watching for the entertainment value alone. Here is the link if you want to watch it but basically it is a pissing contest between Gomer and Goober disguised as a informative discussion about the legality of composting toilets in Utah. No doubt this video has elicited the desired ennui among RV and travel trailer owners that use composting toilets. I had to comment . . .

“I can’t really say that anybody in this video is advancing the good cause of using composting toilets. There are some very good arguments for using composting toilets. First and foremost, people are going to poop no matter what the laws are. Anything that is a reasonable solution to having people pooping in the gutter on the side of the road, as is done in most of the world, should be lauded. This law is ill considered and unenforceable and makes people disdainful of laws in general. It is also proof that there are also too many government employees with too little, real constructive work to do.”

That got me some thumbs up right away. The other comments where overwhelmingly anti-government as opposed to pro-composting toilet. Again this wasn’t about composting toilets. I love these anti-composting toilet naysayers too. There is the anti-composting toilet school of “There not really composting toilets!” The thought occurs to me that if they aren’t really composting toilets in the first place then they wouldn’t be illegal as composting toilets but that little bit of logic doesn’t seem to register. And then there is the school of “Composting toilets are illegal because _______(fill in the blank). In any event, I can’t speak for my competition but I don’t think it is illegal to pee in a jug or poop in a bucket so the C-Head seems to me to be okay. Is it a “composting” toilet? If you want it to be. If you don’t want it to be then no, it isn’t.

If anybody asks you if it is a composting toilet, tell them what the web site says.

The C-Head is a “composting system” toilet that stores waste until it can be composted elsewhere using a composting system. A distinction with a difference. There fixed it.

Don’t get me wrong. My blog site is about a “movement” (LOL, too rich!). And I do take that “movement” seriously. We need to promote composting toilets and not just because they are environmentally friendly, not because they are economical, not because they solve many sanitation issues but for all those reasons and more. Getting people to look at a new paradigm isn’t easy but once the light bulb goes on, I don’t think there will be any stopping the movement. My next major project is getting the government in the Florida Keys to allow . . . (no, make that “promote”) the use of composting toilets and getting them to develop the necessary, simple infrastructure to make them practical on a large scale. Think of the money they will save that can be put towards solving other real problems. Let’s do this together.

Please feel free to make constructive comments below.

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