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Houseboat Installations

The C-Head toilet works especially well in houseboats. The larger holding tanks and the existing flushing toilet with it’s through the floor toilet flange, give the houseboat owners an advantage over other type boats. Specifically, they can use the BEX kit (bottom exit kit) to take advantage of the existing plumbing and make life easier. The BEX kit, allows you to drain the urine into the holding tank directly through the bottom of the toilet using the existing flange. Since you are only using concentrated urine with a little flush water occasionally, the capacity of the holding tank is increased greatly, which reduces the need to find a pump out station. You can spend an extended time, weeks or months even, on the water and hold the liquid waste until you return to your marina to have it pumped out. No special trips or going off the hook to find a marina so that you can empty the tank. The C-Head is unique in this regard since there is no other composting toilet on the market that has this capacity.

You can also opt to use the integrated 1.5-gallon urine tank (p-tank) or the one gallon plastic jug and store the urine in containers or pour the urine overboard where it is legal and not an issue. Never discharge urine into standing water like reservoirs, still basins or medium sized or smaller lakes. While there is zero chance of spreading disease, there remains the possibility of aggravating an algae bloom or fish kill. Never discharge solid waste into the water unless you are three miles off shore which is rare for a houseboat.

Wishing well compost tower

The solid waste is also easily stored aboard houseboats because of the inherent large storage capacity that the design allows. A 5-gallon plastic Homer bucket with a lid will hold about a month’s waste for two people using the toilet daily. The waste can then be taken home and disposed of in the trash or else composted in an attractive butterfly garden or wishing well compost tower. There is never any foul odor to contend with or messy spillage of the waste.

The basic advantages of the C-Head over the common holding tank system are three. There is no head odor. There is no use of valuable water or electricity and three, no urgency to empty the holding tank which dictates the owner’s ability to even use the toilet at all. Having to empty the holding tank to use the toilet incentivizes illegal dumping of pure sewage into the water. It should be obvious that the C-Head offers solutions that increase the utility of a houseboat considerably.

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