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Composting Toilet Vlog Review #1

And my comments of Texas Tramper comments on the C-Head.

This is one of the better and more accurate reviews I have seen to date.

Texas Tramper – Vlog Site

Of course, it would appeal to me because she gives the C-Head a nice review, but I don’t disagree with her assessment of my competitor. I would like to address some of her observations about the C-Head. She clearly has done her homework and has experience with a compact, composting toilet. The first five minutes are devoted to issues she is having with the current composting toilet she is using. It is instructive. Here are my observations on her comments regarding the C-Head.

Nooks and Crannies . . . and diarrhea! AAHHH! – She mentions the problems with any toilet that has many nooks and crannies, especially with respect to explosive diarrhea and cleaning. The C-Head being slab sided and devoid of voids, is designed to be easy to clean. It also has a relatively easy way to deal with diarrhea if you know you have diarrhea ahead of time. Go to this video to get all the details (see here), but basically it involves prepping the seat by pushing a plastic bag into the opening of the toilet and wrapping it around and under the seat. Then you pour the needed amount of medium into the bag, before and after using the toilet to absorb the excess liquid in your poop. The bag may then be able to be left in place and used again if not contaminated. Remove it by lifting the housing lid and lifting the bag out of the collection bucket. Place the bag in a second bag lined bucket for the purpose of tying it closed and then dispose of it (double bagged) or better yet inside a bucket with a lid once the bucket is full. You don’t have to remove the waste bucket already inside the toilet or its contents to use this method which makes it convenient.

Grand kids – I have 7 grand kids with three more due this February. I am blessed and excited beyond description. Two of them, Caroline and Abby; eight and six respectively, have used a C-Head. The C-Head, with it’s narrow opening has a built in child seat because of its design so there is little danger of them falling in or of them being afraid of sitting on it. The trick with children is to make it a game. Children are fascinated by going to the bathroom anyway so you simply instruct them to get everything where it is supposed to go. Being smaller overall, it is much easier for them to maneuver and visualize what they are doing and they seem to have little aversion to the game. You have to use child psychology as always.

Standing to pee – You (I should say “men”) can stand to pee with the C-Head. A simple, slightly modified transmission funnel will fit into the drain in the funnel and remain securely standing while you occupy your two hands with the other task. When finished, spray down the interior of the funnel with water (vinegar is smelly but will help prevent the build up of scale) and then place the funnel on a hook with the tip in a cup of some kind with a folded paper towel in the bottom. Voila!

Peeing sitting down – For the ladies, we have come up with a very inexpensive accessory that assists in directing all the urine into the funnel if direction is an issue. Anyone can make for under a dollar. Everybody’s physiology is different and for women directing the urine can be more of a challenge than for men, especially since they usually go #3 when going #2. Directing your urine is a simple, intuitive fix using what we call the “Lady’s maid”. See this article. (click here)

Actual composting – There is some debate as to whether compact composting toilets actually compost. For more details read this article (click here). But the long and short of it is this; it isn’t the composting that removes the smell. It is the separation of pee and the poop and then the covering of the poop with a medium to wick off the moisture and prevent it from escaping into the air. That is what keeps the smell from escaping. Read this article on the mechanics of odor control (click here). Most people who use a composting toilet in a mobile application such as a boat, RV or travel trailer do not intend to compost their waste. Most will discard it or take it home and compost it outside of the toilet in a compost tower or mound, so it really doesn’t matter to what level of composting the waste reaches. It is unlikely that anybody is going to trust the composting process to have reached a level inside the toilet where they feel comfortable handling it.

All in all, I like this video very much. The info is better than most videos on this topic and the detail is considered. Texas Tramper has some other videos regarding her composting toilet and other topics regarding traveling that you may find informative, and she has a Facebook page. Please check them out.

Please feel free to make constructive comments or ask questions.

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