The C-Head is the environmentally friendly solution for “boondocking.” The great advantage of the C-Head for camping or a traveling lifestyle is; the ability to carry more water and use less, the simplicity of installing and maintaining the system, and the lack of a need to break camp to find a dump station.


Below is our recommendation for the C-Head that works best with the different types of camping and live-aboard vehicles; Van Conversions, RV’s, Travel Trailers, Tiny Houses, Glampers and Schoolies.

Basic C-Head

The basic C-Head is the toilet of choice if you have a space that is 16” wide and 20” front to back (allow another 16” knee space ahead of the front). Clearance of 36″ above the seat is desirable for headroom. Check doors and drawers for clearance. Use a quick release anchoring system if the toilet is blocking necessary access panels.

Corner C-Head

The corner model is designed for installations where the toilet is backed into a corner. The back sides are angled in and the bottom is flat. It uses a 5-gallon solid waste collection bucket. For measurement purposes, the top of the toilet is 11″ wide at the extreme back edge and this will affect how far back it will sit.

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The shorty is designed for installations on top of pedestals or in areas where overhead clearance is minimal such as pocket cruisers. This toilet is also wedged in the back on the sides which allows for more fitting flexibility with pedestals where the hull intrudes at the back. With many pedestal installations, the pedestal may need to be extended for foot placement.

We offer wood grain finishes for all of our models using Wilsonart® brand high pressure plastic laminate. Giving you a satin finish for an elegant look to match your space.

Golden Teak, Red Mahogany , and Dark Mahogany options available on checkout.


General C-Head Composting Toilet Considerations

Make sure that you can access any panels around the toilet area in an emergency if needed and check to see that the toilet is not going to block any drawers or doors. If the toilet needs to be moved frequently or used for other applications, consider using the rubber latch tie-down accessory.


You can drain the urine into the existing holding tank for convenience using an EUD if the holding tank is below the toilet on all angles of pitch and heel. This will extend the use of the holding tank considerably since no water or minimal water is mixed with the urine.


While 12 feet of ventilation hose and the PVC fittings are included, you normally will not need to ventilate the toilet if you empty it once a week and keep it filled with fresh medium when not in use. Consult the owner’s manual for special RV considerations with ventilating the toilet.


Off-road and overland vehicles should consider using the P-tank accessory as it is designed to withstand agitation without leaking, especially if the head is located near the bow of the boat. The alternative is to be mindful to empty the plastic urine jug when going off-road.

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