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The History and Future of iPhone

iPhone started out years ago when Steve Jobs decided to take interest in cellular phones and iPods in the time that all major companies headed to the tablet PCs technology, he knew that cellular phone would dominate the future market. Currently, Apple is the best in the world. Apple has always loved challenges and was the first in them. Best apps like call recording, best camera and many more

On 2007, iPhone was announced under huge media attention from all over the world, with it support to third party applications and web 2.0 applications that could be accessed through the internet, it was a huge break in the mobile technology, it had what everyone needed or even dreamt of, developers all over the world even started developing iPhone software before it was released, later this year apple announced that iPhone could be connected to iTunes and things just kept on getting better.

On 2008 the second generation of iPhone was released with its support to 3G, Tri-Band, and GPS, several improved and new features but also with the same 2 MP camera of the original First iPhone that didn’t support video recording, and the same old 128 MB eDRAM that limited its functionality and also with the same operating system.

On 2009, the third generation was released the “iPhone 3Gs” which introduced faster performance and a higher resolution camera with video recording capability, it used the iOS operating system with the same multi-touch display.

On 2010 the Fourth generation was released the “iPhone 4” with a glass case and two cameras one for video calls and the other with a higher resolution for photos and video recording.

Apple is expected to release the fifth generation of its iPhone ”iPhone 5G” in mid September as according to the rumors, Apple’s major partner AT&T is preparing its staff for release, the newest iPhone is expected to be lighter and thinner than its older version with an upgraded rear camera and a larger display, rumors also says that the it will be compatible with GSM and CDMA networks, iPhone 5 is going to be released along with the newest version of the iOS “iOS 5”.

With the whole world waiting for the iPhone 14 which mobile users think that it would be more than enough for what they would require, Apple is working on a completely different project, just imagine what’s it going to be like, the whole world in your grip and more, rumors says that its weight would be significantly lighter as its case would be made out of its battery, image recognition would be added, it would also enable its user to use it as a projector on short distances.

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