For the DIY installation or spaces that the C-Head housing cannot 
accommodate. UDA includes a heavy duty,
 slow close, white 
toilet seat, an HDPE base lid with seat fastener, 316 stainless steel 
hinges, shower seal kit, a sealing lid (not shown) and a urine 
diverting funnel attached.


06/01/2020 Please Note: Due to the combination of having to shut down for all of April in compliance with Florida's Stay-At-Home Order and the heavy increase in orders, all models are now on a 30 Day Backorder. Once Built, your order will ship via UPS or the Post Office and will arrive within 3-5 Business Days. Sorry for the any inconvenience this may bring. We hope to be caught up and back to shipping next day by the end of July.

Urine Diverter Assembly (UDA)


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