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For the DIY installation or spaces that the C-Head housing cannot 
accommodate. UDA includes a heavy duty,
 slow close, white 
toilet seat, an HDPE base lid with seat fastener, 316 stainless steel 
hinges, shower seal kit, a sealing lid (not shown) and a urine 
diverting funnel attached.


Additionally, this kit includes the Solid Waste Churn System, Collection Container and Churn Handle.  The Collection Container comes in two size options.  The 5 Gallon (14 1/4" H) and the 3.5 Gallon (11 1/4" H).  Please note that the usage capactiy is the same for both sizes as you only use the bottom 6 inches of the bucket.

Urine Diverter Assembly with Churn System

Collection Container Size