The C-Head is an ideal toilet for live-in family members who occupy guestrooms in a garage, attic or basement area. The use of a docking cabinet to anchor the toilet to the wall gives the C-Head a familiar and natural look.


C-Head is also the only compact, waste management toilet that meets the ADA standards for dimensions. Easy attachment of a handicap rail makes it ideal for elderly or mobility impaired users.


The great advantage of the C-Head for these situations is ease of installation, lack of odor, and minimal or no plumbing required unless you are wanting to pump the urine up and out of a basement.


Applications would include:

Family live-ins, Visitor or Student Guestrooms and Home Healthcare Situations

Basic C-Head

The basic C-Head is the toilet of choice if you have a space that is 16” wide and 20” front to back (allow another 16” knee space ahead of the front). Most closets will accommodate the C-Head with plenty of room for sitting.

We offer wood grain finishes for all of our models using Wilsonart® brand high pressure plastic laminate. Giving you a satin finish for an elegant look to match your space.

Golden Teak, Red Mahogany , and Dark Mahogany options available on checkout.

General C-Head Composting Toilet Considerations

If you are not opposed to fastening your C-Head to the floor, you can through bolt it directly to the floor. Consider using the rubber latch tie-down accessory if you want to be able to move the toilet for use in other applications, or if access behind the toilet is needed for cleaning. You can also attach the toilet to the wall instead of the floor by using a docking cabinet (plans included in the owner’s manual). Request the “slow close elongated toilet seat for ADA applications.


You can drain the urine into a french drain or existing sewer system for convenience, using an EUD.  If the drain or system runs above the toilet, consider ordering a pump tank. (Pump mechanism is not included.)


On some applications you may encounter an existing standard toilet flange on the floor.  Consider using a BEX kit for this installation to remove the necessity of emptying the urine jug.

While 12 feet of ventilation hose and the PVC fittings are included, you normally will not need to ventilate the toilet if you empty it once a week and keep it filled with fresh medium when not in use. Consult the owner’s manual for special RV considerations with ventilating the toilet.