The C-Head solves three big problems for marine toilets; it requires no water or plumbing, it doesn’t have the pervasive sewage smell so common with marine heads, and most importantly, the waste can be easily stored on board until it can be disposed of, creating no urgency to dump the waste overboard, ever! Depending on the space configuration for the head on your boat, one of three C-Head models will generally fit your needs.


Below is our recommendation for the C-Head toilet that works best with Sailboats, Trawlers, and Houseboats.

Basic C-Head

The basic marine C-Head is the toilet of choice if you have a space that is 16” wide and 20” front to back (allow another 16” knee space ahead of the front). Clearance above the seat should be about 36″ for headroom. Check doors and drawers for clearance. Use a quick release anchoring system if the toilet is blocking necessary access panels. While this amount of room is common on houseboats and most trawlers, it is usually not the case on sailboats under 40 ft. LOA.


The wedged-back model is good for installations where the toilet is backed up against a section of the sloping hull side, for corner installations, or in the bow of a boat. The top of the toilet is wider than the base and this will affect some installations. In corners where one side is a sloping hull which widens as the corner rises, this tends to be less of an issue.