International Customers

We ship internationally.  We use the US Postal Service (UPS  for the USA, Canada, Mexico) to ship to the following countries.
These countries can use the
Buy Now buttons to order and the postage will be automatically calculated prior to you having to
commit to the purchase. Here are the current shipping costs for each country. Prices are subject to change without notice.


Canadian customers: We have used the postal service in the past for shipping to Canada to avoid brokerage fees
but damaged and lost goods have been a serious problem and claims impossible to process. Canadian customers
will incur a $200 +/- tax and brokerage fee by the Canadian government at pickup because we now use United
Parcel Service. Customers in Mexico may also incur a brokerage fee and other fees. If possible we suggest you
have your purchase shipped to an address in the USA and arrange shipping from there that is suitable to you. We
are sorry for this inconvenience. We are working on a better solution.

Other countries: You may have duties to be paid at the time of pickup. Contact your post office for assistance with
the details.

If you are ordering from any country not listed, send us a completed
Custom Order Form and we will invoice you
via email.
United Kingdom
New Zealand