The odorless*, waterless, costs-less, marine, RV and camper toilet system
Simple, Versatile and Responsible** Waste Management
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*The C-Head emits no noticeable odor when installed and operated as instructed.
**The C-Head does not use plastic bags for storage or disposal of human waste.

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New Model
Cutaway base model
For installations facing athwartship, backed up to the sloping side of the
hull, the "angled back" feature reduces protrusion into the head area.
Wedge shaped front design
allows for ergonomic foot
placement and comfortable
Can be installed facing
athwartships or fore and aft.
Basic Marine/Camper
Complete C-Head System
White Plastic Veneer
Click on photo
to enlarge
Click on photo
to enlarge
Dark Mahogany finish plastic laminate with
black housing lid and black lacquer toilet seat
for the box model
Price includes S&H (All 50 states,
Florida customers must pay sales tax

Sorry, but the "Mahogany" toilet seat (shown)
is no longer available
  1. It has no sewage smell!
  2. It is available in four small
    footprint designs!
  3. It is ergonomically designed!
  4. There is no urgency to empty
    the solid waste container!
  5. The large top mounted churn
    handle is easy to access!
  6. The flat surfaces make it easy
    to clean!
  7. Non-proprietary parts make it
    easy and inexpensive to repair!
  8. Simple design makes it easy
    to maintain! No valves or levers!
  9. C-Head's disposable bucket
    system is the safest and most
    sanitary marine composting
    waste management system on
    the market!
  10. C-Head uses a double
    containment system to prevent
Designed for the MacGregor
26M or other application
where a short pedestal exists.

Stands 15 inches high from
the pedestal to the top of
the lid.
Extends 7 inches forward of
the pedestal.

for complete system
includes S&H
(All 50  states)
Angled back model