Portable Composting Toilet
Portable Composting Toilet
The BoonJon System
The BoonJon System
The BoonJon System is a system that can be as simple as disposing of your waste in a five gallon bucket; or as complex and
challenging as managing
all your organic waste, be it an emergency or survival situation, or for a permaculture or homesteading
lifestyle, or for simply living off-the-grid. If conscientiously applied, it can be safely used as a primary system for personal waste
management for a community on an individual residential scale. I believe that it is safer, more efficient and better for the
environment than current waterborne systems, be they municipal or septic field types. It is ideal for both short term and long term
use. The system can be used to manage and recycle human waste (urine and feces), and gardening waste (pruning and weeding
material, rotten or damaged fruits and vegetables, as well as kitchen waste and harvest waste). It is also designed for recycling animal
waste (offal, feces, dead vermin and varmints). The system converts all organic waste into usable soil for growing food by using heat
producing microorganisms, earthworms and black soldier flies to accelerate and process the composting of the waste. It is a simple,
safe, dignified and inexpensive technology.

The BoonJon System is comprised of five elements -
  1. The BoonJon urine-diverting toilet.
  2. A secure privacy fenced-in garden.
  3. Thermophilic composting towers/bins.
  4. Earthworms and black soldier flies.
  5. And finally, safe and septic system of
managing of your crops.
The BoonJon Urine-diverting Toilet

The principle behind a urine diverting toilet is to separate the urine from the feces at the point of
use. This has several advantages. It makes the materials more manageable and pleasant to handle; it
allows for immediate use of the urine for fertilizing; it removes any sewage smell and it uses
considerably less composting medium than toilets that mix the waste. It is waterless and can be used
in conjunction with your existing plumbed waterborne system.

The BoonJon Garden

The BoonJon system is designed to be implemented in as small of an area as a quarter acre residential
lot. The area that will be dedicated to the system should be around 500 to 800 sq ft and fenced in
with a wooden six foot tall privacy fence. This is to keep people and animals out and restrict
viewing. It should be located on the sunniest part of the lot and should have opposing gates that can
be opened for cross ventilation. It should have an approximately 150 sq ft green house for winter
food production within the confines of the fence. Ideally, it should have access from the house
directly into the garden if possible. Half of the growing area should be raised beds and half should be
buckets that can be moved into the greenhouse in winter.

Composting Bins and the Solar Dehydrater

The garden should house three to six compost bins that are 4 ft wide x 4 ft tall x 3 ft front to back,
or larger if you live in the north. They should be sturdily built for the processing of the waste and
the production of compost and assisting crops. The composting bins should be built along the fence
utilizing the fence for one wall to save on materials and space and to reinforce the fence for security
reasons. A simple solid waste dehydrator (see link below) is needed to process the feces during the
winter when black soldier flies are dormant.

Earthworms and Black Soldier Flies

The BoonJon system utilizes black soldier flies to rapidly breakdown and process the organic waste
and convert it to usable compost. It uses
earthworms to convert the remaining cellulose into
castings. Black soldier flies are attracted using a
harvester and a generator and enhanced using an
incubator. A harvester allows BSFs to harvest themselves into containers or onto the ground, or
into a pond for feed for chickens or fish. The BSF generator allows the BSF larva to digest human
feces. The BSF incubator takes the harvested larva and allows them to mature into flies which
increases the local population and significantly reduces the housefly population which is a disease
vector. The BoonJon toilet come with plans for all these items which can be easily made.

Segregated and Septic Crops

The BoonJon system recommends that you grow sweet potatoes for your assisting and survival crop.
Sweet potatoes are low maintenance and extremely easy to grow. One potato can grow an entire
summer crop. They are easy to harvest, cure and cook. They can be harvested quickly in an
emergency and transported without spoiling for months. They are wholesome and delicious. You
must cook them to eat them and you can eat both the leaves and the tubers. They will grow directly
in composting material and provide the leaf canopy needed for the reproduction of black soldier

Never grow anything in your waste compost that you are not going to cook thoroughly and always
wash your hands after gardening. The BoonJon composting process allows you to grow sweet
potatoes after just one season of composting. For more information on the system read the book
"The BoonJon Garden." soon to be released for sale and free with a purchase of a BoonJon portable
composting toilet.
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Black Soldier Fly
Black Soldier Fly Harvester
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Feces Processing Composting
Solar Dehydrator
The BoonJon Garden
Sweet Potato Compost Bin
Sweet Potato Harvest
Sweet Potato Curing
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Do you and your family want to be self sufficient?  Do you want to enjoy the challenge of an ecologically responsible lifestyle? Do
you want to refrain from passing on to future generations the problems that you face today? Do you enjoy the therapy and bounty
of gardening? If all of these things appeal to you then you will appreciate the BoonJon garden. What is a BoonJon Garden?

A BoonJon garden is a system of “at home organic waste management” that can be utilized by people on a small piece of land. It is
a system of waste management that promotes self sufficiency and recycling of materials and allows you to reproduce from what you
consume. It is a system that manages all organic waste including human waste, kitchen waste and yard and garden waste.

Managing your own problems has always been a good way of helping society to manage the problems of those who cannot
manage their own. Managing your waste yourself, economically, productively and safely, can and should be the norm, and it is well
within the means of a large part of society to do so. At the very least, we should allow those who choose to do so, to do so.