The no-nonsense, no odor, no electricity, no water, "in-house out-house"
for OTG living
Mold and mildew resistant.
Housing is made from 100%
waterproof  plastics using 100%
waterproof  adhesives.
The BoonJon

Shown docked in a wall
cabinet that houses
containers of additional
compost medium, hand
sanitizer, toilet paper,
ventilation system, etc.

Cabinet not included
in the price.

Free Plans
included for this simple
and inexpensive wall
cabinet with purchase.
Shown here with an elongated toilet seat
Removable/replaceable back
side panel for docking and
ventilation system installation.
Wedge shaped front and toilet seat
overhang - designed for comfortable
seating and foot placement.

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The BoonJon toilet and system are a safe, inexpensive and easy way
to manage all your organic waste.

  1. Homesteaders - The perfect "in house", "out house". Odorless,
    waterless, the BoonJon system allows you to convert all your organic
    waste to rich usable compost.
  2. Tiny House - The BoonJon system is the ideal space saver for the tiny
    house using either the EUD or gallon jug method.
  3. Permaculturists - The BoonJon system is the answer to perfecting your
    permaculture lifestyle. A fascinating method of minimizing your
    footprint and maximizing your recycling.
  4. Preppers - The ultimate solution to bunker and hideaway existence.
    No odor, no water, but comfort and dignity. Convert your waste to
    food with a BoonJon garden.
  5. Hunters - All the comforts of home life in your cabin. Never go
    outside at night or in bad weather again.
  6. Camper and RV life - No odor, no pump outs, no more using public
    restrooms. Compact and comfortable.
Portable Composting Toilet
Portable Composting Toilet
The BoonJon
The BoonJon
Basic BoonJon Model
White Plastic Veneer
$669 with EUD installed.
The BoonJon Toilet

The BoonJon composting toilet is designed for fixed locations such as cabins, shelters, homesteads, boat houses, etc. It is a simple
system that is easy to install, use, clean and maintain
  1. Size - The BoonJon is small. With an overall front to back length of 20" (18" at the base), a width of 15" (13.25" at the base) and height of 18"
    (15" for the Shorty model). The BoonJon has a smaller foot print and uses less operating space than its competitors, even using a docking cabinet.
  2. Finish - The BoonJon is attractive. The BoonJon is available in almost any finish you can imagine (white, wood grain, camo, etc) and has the
    look and feel of a regular household flushing toilet.
  3. Utility - The BoonJon is easy to use, easy to clean. With few nooks or crannies, the BoonJon is super easy to keep clean. The transfer of waste
    from the collection containers is simple, easily and less messy than other compact composting or porta-potty systems. The BoonJon system requires
    no water or electricity.
  4. Sanitation - The BoonJon is sanitary. The BoonJon uses a double containment collection system. Both the liquid and the solid waste collection
    containers are located inside a waterproof pan that guards against any spills making their way outside the unit. Waste transfer to a disposable
    container or composting pile is simple, clean and intuitive. With the EUD system, the urine can be shunted directly into a drain field or larger outside
    holding tank to be used as fertilizer.
  5. Uses common recycled and recyclable materials - The standard BoonJon without the EUD system, uses a common 1-gallon water jug to collect
    urine significantly reducing costs and availability issues.


    Disposing of urine - The collected urine can be piped into a drain field using the EUD system, or it can be used as fertilizer by diluting it with
    water in a watering can (5-10:1 - five to ten parts water to one part urine). It can be poured around the base of your garden plants and other
    desirable vegetation. It can be used full strength around the perimeter of your garden to discourage some marauding wildlife such as raccoons,
    armadillos and squirrels.

    Disposing of feces - Solid waste is initially collected in a 5-gallon plastic collection container located inside the toilet housing. As with other
    composting systems, a carbon based medium is used, such as peat moss or sawdust to assist in creating the composting environment. The standard
    BoonJon uses a churn system. A churn handle is inserted in the top of the unit (easy to access with plenty of elbow room) and the churn rolls the
    waste using a wave like motion (rather than kneads it) into the peat moss, coating the waste and turning it into rounded clods which make it easier
    to pour out. Sewage odor is eliminated immediate as the moisture is wicked off the surface of the waste by the medium.

    The solid waste collection container will hold on average about 10-15 uses which will require emptying about once a week for two people using it
    daily. While the BoonJon must be emptied more often than its competitors, the process is vastly simpler, cleaner and more sanitary. The collection
    container is easily removed from the housing and then the contents are poured into a disposable common 5-gallon bucket, then treated, sealed and
    disposed of, or the contents are transferred to an outdoor composting system for further composting.

    A special ventilation adaptor with a screw on lid that fits on any common 5-gallon bucket, can be ordered as an accessory, batching the solid waste
    for disposal or transfer at a later time. The contents pour easily from the collection container to the disposable container due to the dry spherical
    form of the composting material. Simply replace the collection container in the housing unit and refill with medium.

    If you intend to dispose of the solid waste, a disposable 5-gallon bucket is used to store the waste until it is full (approximately 4-6 transfers from the
    collection container using the ventilation hood). When full, the ventilation hood adaptor is removed from the disposable bucket and placed in a
    new bucket and the full bucket is dumped in your composting mound, or the bucket is capped off with a locking plastic lid (after being treated with
    chlorine bleach) and disposed of in a trash receptacle. Using the plastic bucket instead of plastic bags, contains the waste much better.

Consider the other cost saving aspects of the BoonJon:

  1. Initial cost - At a base price of $589.00 (both inc S&H in the USA) for the standard churning model, the BoonJon costs almost half that of other
    comparable compact composting toilet systems on the market today, and a fraction of the cost of an installed household composting system and
    does not require a basement. Even with your own custom built BoonJon with a docking cabinet and solar ventilation system, the cost is
    considerably less expensive than the cost of our competitors and ultimately just as effective.
  2. Operating costs - The disposable containers and carbon medium (e.g. Peat moss or sawdust) that a BoonJon uses will cost you no more than
    three dollars a month. Additionally you will have no costly or nasty repairs. Replacement parts are available at a very reasonable price if needed
    and the BoonJon is DIY easy and inexpensive to maintain and repair.