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Newly redesigned box angled back
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The New "External Urine Diverter" Accessory (EUD)

The new "external urine diverter" or EUD is an accessory that comes installed in place of
the one gallon urine collection jug. The EUD system is a gravity feed system designed to
divert urine to a portable jug, fixed tank or drain field outside the toilet housing. The
EUD accessory can be incorporated in any of the C-Head models.

The EUD accessory is now standard in the "
BoonJon" model and a new "Shorty" box or
bucket model. The EUD accessory is now available for purchase for retrofitting existing
C-Heads and BoonJons.

If you are considering installing an EUD accessory on a boat,

               The New "Shorty" Model
The new "Shorty" model has an overall height of 15" (38 cm) with the same footprint as
the standard BoonJon. Both the Shorty model and the BoonJon model can be purchased
with the EUD installed using the "Buy Now" button. It is available in the box or bucket
footprint. The lower profile is designed to fit in smaller spaces or for better portability.     
More details and videos coming soon!
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Available installed
or for retrofit to
existing C-Heads
and BoonJons.

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