The simple, safe, inexpensive, intuitive, versatile and responsible
organic waste management system.
Requires no water, no electricity and usually no venting,
with no sewage odor .
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Preppers, Permaculturists,
Tiny House owners and
other OTG living
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Custom Portable Composting Toilet Systems
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We are a small, friendly company. We design and build custom compact dry toilets that create a disposable
or composting waste material. We offer different designs and finishes to fit almost anyone's needs. How do
we produce a beautiful, high quality product at our prices? We do not use expensive molds, we do not pay
commissions on sales, our advertising budget is $50/month. We rely on old school craftsmanship and we
save our customers a lot of money by selling only factory-direct and by customer word of mouth.

                                    Our quality, our products, our service and our prices are second to none.
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The perfect toilet for mobile or off-the-grid living!
Check out the new "Shorty" models. The smallest composting toilets on the market
Shorty Teak
Dark Mahogany
Standard Teak
Handcrafted, custom-made, high quality,
composting toilets at reasonable prices!!